Party for the People Album Artwork

New Album »Party for the People« Out Now!

Twelve brand-new tracks, an all-new sound — with the tried and true soviet flavour: our sophomore album »Party for the People« is out now available worldwide.

Meet The Love Dictators

To forge the sound of the revolution, the band left their homestead of Montenegro to become one of Europe's premier dance sensations. Think of THE LOVE DICTATORS as the Four Horsemen of the Dancepocalypse. Find out who inspired the men who set out to inspire millions.

See us live

Those who have previously borne witness to a live dictation agree: the band's hard-driving beats and angelic melodies are best heard—or felt—live. Join the revolution and become part of the sexiest dance movement on earth—on one of these select occasions:

Date Location Event Ticket
20/05/2017 Klangstation, Bonn, Germany Record Release & 10th Anniversary Show
24/08/2017 Flugplatz Niedergörsdorf Spirit from the Street Festival


Too good to be just heard: feast your eyes on the beauty that is us and watch our award-deserving music videos here.

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Party for the People out now!

»Party for the People« released worldwide!

Dear comrades, it is with great honour that we’re able to announce our sophomore record, »Party for the People«, is — as of today — released worldwide. Head to the...

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New Album »Party for the People« Announced

Dear comrades, it has been a long time since our first full-length record, »DiscoBALLS«, was released to the masses. After eight long years of hard labour — as well as countless bottles of...

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Back from the Dead

Salutations comrades, in this past ten years, we have a walked a long and arduous road. We ventured to unknown places, both in our own minds and the vast...

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