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»DiscoBALLS« was THE LOVE DICTATORS’ first full-length release. Clocking in at 31 minutes, it features hard-driving beats, golden synths of 90’s bad taste parties and lyrics somewhere between Marx and Marvin Gaye on viagra.

Track List:

  1. From the Cradle to the Dancefloor – 0:53
  2. The Love Dictators – 3:27
  3. De-Virginator – 3:02
  4. Disco Balls – 3:10
  5. Soviet Power – 3:58
  6. This Is Love! – 5:47
  7. Show Me Your Sister – 2:52
  8. Dear Diary (BEAM Cover) – 4:28
  9. Groove of Love – 3:13
All music written by Mary O.D. except track #8 written by BEAM and Mary O.D.; lyrics by DJ Vibeseeker and Mary O.D.

DiscoBALLS, in all its room-gripping subtlety, is the discomfort of a permanent erection put to music. The end time soundtrack for a feminist boot camp. (Allschools)

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  • Release Date : June 27th, 2009

  • Label : neoneon music/Trash Town Records