The Love Dictators — Party for the People Album Cover
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Party for the People

The band’s thirst for love remains as unquenchable as ever, as they return with their second offering »Party for the People«. However, THE LOVE DICTATORS have matured in the decade since their inception: battle-hardened through countless live performances and leaving behind a trail of vodka, cheap cologne and wasted youth, »Party for the People« stands as the pinnacle of their musical endeavours. Their twelve-track sophomore album teems with the true spirit of soviet flavoured eurodance and offers over 45 minutes of anthemic melodies, pounding beats and razor-sharp vocals. THE LOVE DICTATORS are here for love — and they don’t take no for an answer.

Track List:

  1. EXERCITVS RVBER (Intro) – 1:52
  2. Dance Force One – 3:27
  3. (R)Evolution – 4:03
  4. Magnetic – 3:53
  5. Raise Your Glass – 3:44
  6. She’s the Man – 3:33
  7. Thirty Girls – 3:12
  8. Moon to My Tide – 3:25
  9. Space Race – 3:24
  10. Babushka Baby – 4:28
  11. Petrograd – 3:52
  12. Bound by Blood – 5:44

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Liner Notes


Mary O. D. — lead vocals, tin whistle
DJ Vibeseeker — rap
Sir Stanislove — rap, background vocals on »Raise Your Glass«
Sergeant Sergei — piano

Svenja Zinzius, Nadine Sucharda, Lena Willems, Til de la Haye, Tobias Langenbucher, Florian L., Manuel Magno, Matthias B., and Mario Dederichs — choir vocals on »EXERCITVS RVBER«, »Raise Your Glass« and »Space Race«, group shouts

Production Credits:

All songs written by Mary O. D. except songs 3 and 9 written by Mary O. D. and Sergeant Sergei
Lyrics by DJ Vibeseeker (songs 1, 4 & 5); DJ Vibeseeker and Mary O. D. (songs 2, 3, 6, 8, 10 & 12); Sir Stanislove and Mary O. D. (song 7); Sir Stanislove, DJ Vibeseeker and Mary O. D. (song 9)
Produced by Blake Inc.
Mixed by Mario Dederichs at Trash Town Studios, Bonn, Germany
Mastered by Jesse Skeens at Medway Studios, London, United Kingdom

Additional Credits:

Tobias Langenbucher — technical director, roadie, driver, universal weapon, bro <3
Renate Otta — vocal coach

  • Release Date : May 20th, 2017

  • Producer : Blake Inc.

  • Label : neoneon music

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