Back from the Dead

Salutations comrades,

in this past ten years, we have a walked a long and arduous road. We ventured to unknown places, both in our own minds and the vast outside world, shouting our sermon of love and freedom from stages small and large. We amassed a following that, while not large in size, is large in heart. We found new comrades that are willing to fight our noble fight besides us—and in the strangest of places as well. We truly walked a long and arduous road until its bitter end.

Then, we fell silent.

But no more. Let it be known that THE LOVE DICTATORS are back. And from our journey we brought many a tale of wine, women, and the working class.

The Fresh Tsarevich of Siberia: Sir Stanislove

After an extended break, soviet flavoured eurodance sensation THE LOVE DICTATORS are back with a new member, an all-new single, and a completely redesigned homepage.

On a soul-seeking and authority-escaping journey through the Siberian tundra, the trio met another lone wanderer. Known far and wide as the one-eyed devil, the hermit was known as a lover extraordinaire—and a breaker of many a young woman’s heart. Equipped with a voice like velvet and various other well-proportioned parts, Sir Stanislove is the ideal addition to the Love Crew.

We’re also proud to announce our first new material in almost eight years. »Raise Your Glass« is—in many aspects—a typical LOVE DICTATORS song: a highly danceable beat, lyrics that address the struggle of the working class, and a true tribute to our slavic roots. But through the addition of our new member and a vast improvement in production quality, we are convinced that this song might even be our best one yet.

The protagonist of our »Raise Your Glass« video

In fact, we are so proud of this song that we decided to both release it as a single and accompany it with a music video. It tells a heart-warming story of a soldier, presumed dead and mourned by his close ones, triumphantly returning from war to the bosom of his comrades’ friendship. As a way, a symbolic and auto-biographical representation of our return to the living world.

And last but not least, feast your eyes on THE LOVE DICTATORS’ new, virtual homestead. Our new website will be the focal point of all our proclamations and sexy propaganda, so be sure to check back regularly!

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