Those who have previously borne witness to a live dictation agree: the band's hard-driving beats and angelic melodies are best heard—or felt—live. Join the revolution and become part of the sexiest dance movement on earth—on one of these select occasions:

When you’re back from the dead, it takes some time to get adjusted to the living world. But don’t worry, we promise to be back with additional new tour dates conquests soon. Perhaps even at your event?

Date Location Event Ticket
27/04/2019 Haus Südstern, Landau, Germany Hin&Her Festival
23/03/2019 NAUMANNs im Felsenkeller, Leipzig, Germany 3 Jahre NAUMANNs /w Rummelsnuff

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In their ten-year history, THE LOVE DICTATORS have played sold-out festivals, clubs, rock venues, weddings, living room parties and birthdays. And we'd love to play for you.

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